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NOV-AGRO is a dynamically developing agricultural holding group which specializes in plant growing.

NOV-AGRO develops and establishes long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with partners in various fields.

We offer:

  • contract-based sowing of different crops on our fields as per Customer`s requirements;
  • arrangement of agricultural goods production, packaging and branding under Customer`s trademark;
  • joint implementation of the projects on agricultural crops processing and new products obtaining.

Our advantages:

  • Stable developing company;
  • Highly-qualified personnel;
  • Automated monitoring and control systems;
  • Up-to-date equipment of high performance available;
  • Site specific crop management system in use;
  • International consultantcy.

NOV-AGRO focuses on soil preservation and fertility improvement. Every year our specialists explore soil fertility and develop scientifically based crops rotation patterns and fertilizers distribution systems. New high-yielding varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops are explored and introduced into production on a constant basis.

Sowing activities are performed by the experienced agronomists, who apply up-to-date agricultural equipment, thorough selection of fertilizers for each crop with due regard to a variety or hybrid, and soil fertility grade within each field, to provide efficient use of available agricultural lands.
Specific use of fertilizers allows obtaining maximum yield with minimum prime cost.


We look forward to cooperation, and will be happy to review your proposals.
Please contact us by phone: +7 4012 53 30 66 or fill in the feedback form.

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